St. Baldricks fundraiser recap


Devery Jakubos, Staff Writer

This year in the month of February Interact Club hosted their 4th annual fundraiser for St. Baldricks, which is a charity that funds research to help find cures for childhood cancer.

“I think it’s awesome what St. Baldricks is doing, it’s for a really great cause and is definitely needed,” sophomore Anthony Tedesco says.

Throughout the past few weeks many faculty members and students raised money by pledging to shave their heads.

There were not as many student participants as in previous years. The participants were, Victoria Barnowski, William Newell, Julia Ettema, Blake Alexander, and Brenden Norwood.

Members of the faculty Jason Schrock, Greg Gilligan, Brent Earl, and Mike Maloney also participated in the fundraiser.

“It was really cool to see even the board members participating in this fundraiser. I thought it made a really good impression of our school,” sophomore Matt Mimnaugh says.

$8,665 dollars was donated as a school, as of last count. The number may be raised as donations were collected until friday, February  17. Donations could be sent in online or given to organizers. All proceeds were sent directly to St. Baldricks.

“ We did get off to a late start and had less people but it was truly incredible to see all the money being raised,” sophomore shavee Julia Ettema says.

On Friday Feb the 13th, a pep assembly was held for the Winterfest as well as the shaving of the participants. It started out with the passing down of the flag to a member of the junior class and an introduction to the winter sports teams. The dance team, pom team, boys senior powder puff,flag runners, and the baton twirlers all did a routine. The end of the Mr. Highlander contest was also held at this assembly with performances from the candidates that decided the Mr. Highlander title. As well as all of that there was a pie eating contest, as well as a limbo competition. While these events were going on the volunteers were getting their heads shaved.

“It was truly an amazing and life changing event seeing our school, just people in general rallying up to support a great cause. Everyone coming together was truly something to behold. I’m so happy that I, as well as others I’m sure participated in this fundraiser,” Ettema says.