Survivorfest: spirit days and events


Rachel Cichon and Julia Lively

This year Mr. Metz’s Leadership classes decided to add another Spirit Week to the year’s list of events. The week has been dubbed Survivorfest as it will be going on throughout the week of Senior Survivor. The week will be full of other activities as well, such as limbo and jello challenges during lunch as well as a choir concert and the car show on Thursday.

Monday: Tribal Day – It is important to note that Tribal Day does not mean dressing up in anything “cultural” that may be offensive. Tribal Day refers to wearing the shirt, colors and possibly even war paint of your favorite Survivor.

Tuesday: Country Club/Brighton Day – Students will dress up in their nicest and “preppiest” outfits.

Wednesday: Clash of Colors – Students should wear the most colorful outfits they own, trying to incorporate as many colors as possible.

Thursday: College Day – Students wear shirts and other spirit wear that reflects their preferred College.

Friday: Senior Survivor Day – Once again, students will sport the shirt of their favorite Survivor. Friday is also the final day of Senior Survivor where the winner will be announced at a Pep Rally. This year’s Lip Dub will also be occurring on this date.