The last goodbye


Megan Killop, Business Manager

Goodbyes, emotions, and high school seniors: all components of a scene destined to ignite tears and sentimental memories. The high school careers of the Class of 2015 are hastily coming to a close. Some are sad, will miss their fellow classmates, and fear the upcoming responsibility labeled as “life,” while some can’t wait to pack their things and move on with their education to a bigger and brighter future.

To celebrate the ending of this monumental moment in the seniors’ lives, Howell’s leadership class organizes the Senior Walk. This year, it falls on Wed, May 20. Students line the halls and watch as the Class of 2015 walks through the high school for their final time. They play emotion-stirring music, and decorate the halls. It is a day filled with heightened emotions and lots of hugs.

In my opinion, the walk is a great way for the seniors to say goodbye to the lower classmen, teachers, and even the school they most likely spent more time at than their own houses for 3 years. However, one drawback to the Senior Walk is the lack of freshman involvement.

It’s almost hypocritical that our school strives to keep the freshman involved, even creating a whole organization called Link Crew to make the transition from the freshman campus to the 10-12 building, but not allowing them to say goodbye to the seniors. There are definitely  freshmen who have bonds and relationships with the upperclassmen through sports and other after school activities, so why aren’t they allowed to wish the seniors good luck and say their final goodbyes? The freshman class involvement is already low, so we should try to incorporate them in future years to come.

As only a junior, the thought of next year’s Senior Walk is terrifying. But this year, all we can do is enjoy and celebrate the graduating Class of 2015 and all of their accomplishments. They have had an outstanding year filled with triumphs and pride. I am ecstatic for their future, and I am looking forward to my class, the Class of 2016, stepping up and following in their footsteps.