Fall’s most cliche dates unraveled


Once summer starts to fade away and school is back in session, fall is not far away. The leaves will change colors and fall, little children will dress up and go trick or treating, and couples will go on their world famous, cliché fall dates. These are unavoidable occurrences that transpire every year as temperatures drop and warm summer nights turn into breezy fall afternoons.

  1. The Cider Mill

Jackie: First of all, if you don’t go to the cider mill with your boyfriend, then are you really even dating? Buying fresh cider and donuts is such a tasty thing to do. Picking apples with with him is one of my favorite things because you can goof around. And if you can’t reach the apple you want, he will find a way to get it for you. It’s a family loving environment, and who doesn’t enjoy a date at the cider mill?

Bennett: Cider mills are great family oriented fun with activities that appeal to a large majority of people. Whether it be young children excited for apple picking or adults who enjoy seeing the happiness on their kids faces. Teenage couples are added to that list however as boyfriend and girlfriend regularly visit these places of wholesome family fun. Whether it be just drinking apple cider and eating donuts, or completing the entire experience by picking apples, cider mills are a staple for fall relationships. More times than not, however, girlfriends must drag their partner to partake in the fun. There’s nothing wrong with orchards. They usually turn out to be a fun few hours for a couple, but, unfortunately, the majority of the time the price tends to get a bit high and, as society dictates, the boyfriend is usually stuck with the bill. This could set a sour mood over the whole of the event, but overall who doesn’t love a fall trip to a cider mill?

  1. Horror movies

Jackie: On a cold, rainy October day, there’s nothing better than being curled up with your boyfriend in a bundle of blankets watching some Halloween classics. My all time favorite is It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It’s a happy silly Halloween movie and always fun to watch! I don’t think I could ever watch it enough, and I hope my kids grow up watching it someday. But on a darker note, I also enjoy the thrill that the movie Halloween gives me. Holding onto his shoulder for protection, as if the actors are going to come out of the screen and hurt me, gives me a frightful adrenaline rush. It’s nice to have him there to protect me, especially when I scream out in fright.

Bennett:Halloween and the time around it is not complete for couples without watching Halloween and horror movies. The situation is basically the same as haunted houses, with the content being cheesy and scary in no way to the boyfriend, but seemingly terrifying for the majority of girlfriends. All in all, any activity with your significant other is worthwhile. But if a horror movie is going to be watched, it would be preferable if the movie was indeed scary.

  1. Carving pumpkins

Jackie: Carving pumpkins is a childish activity that I don’t think any girls grow out of enjoying. The bonus of having a boyfriend when you carve pumpkins is, you don’t have to touch all the slimy pumpkin guts! The insides of pumpkins feel disgusting, and I personally refuse to touch them. So, I take back what I said, carving pumpkins is not my favorite thing to do in the fall. I do however, love looking at all the creative carvings people make while I’m trick-or-treating with bae. Dressing up together is one of my relationship goals. Like being Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse would be so adorable!

Bennett: Another set of activities usually reserved for children, but one that couples love to partake in, are those such as trick or treating and pumpkin carving. Girls love dressing up in costumes and getting candy, even though after hitting the age of 12 prime trick or treating days are over. Buying candy the day after at any grocery store is more convenient and more practical. The same thing holds true for pumpkin carving, a process that is overall a disgusting thing to undergo and results in a pumpkin that will decay in less than 1 week. That being said, the pumpkins look amazing and carving a pumpkin with your significant other is overall a fun experience that brings about spectacular tasting pumpkin seeds, definitely worth the mess.

  1. Adventuring

Jackie: Having someone to adventure with in the fall is so ideal! I love all the fall colors and how beautiful the earth looks. Driving for miles and miles with him holding my hand, and stopping at the prettiest spots to snap pictures is how I think everyone should be spending a beautiful fall day. It’s usually not my car or gas either so I don’t mind how far or long the adventuring lasts. Before adventuring though, I always need my tall pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Having the hint of cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla dance with my taste buds gets me so excited to explore!

Bennett: No matter the weather conditions outside, adventuring is something that is wished for by teenagers everywhere, no matter gender. Fall particularly is the primal season to go out and attempt to explore places that are before relatively unknown, because of the wonderful fall landscape and the colors that present themselves. Adventuring is a great activity and can help a relationship grow stronger. People can discover each other to a closer degree, with the only main drawback being the fact that in order to adventure somewhere interesting, you would be required to drive a rather far distance with a high price for gas.

  1. Haunted houses

Jackie: Near Halloween, I like to go to a new haunted house every year. I personally love going haunted houses, because they give me the biggest adrenaline rushes. Gripping onto your boyfriends hand for safety is very comforting in these fright shows. Personally I use going to a haunted house as an excuse to be close to my boyfriend. Some couples who are the more laid back type prefer corn mazes over haunted houses. But with all do respect, corn mazes are not as fun for me, because it is a lot of walking and usually kind of boring.

Bennett: Perhaps the main fall attraction for couples is the interest of haunted houses with nearly every couple wishing to partake in the attempted horror shows. Many girlfriends love being scared and having their partner right by their side to comfort them whenever a scary situation arises. In all honesty haunted houses barely scratch the surface of horror, and the constant screaming and grabbing tends to get annoying very quickly. Ultimately, unless the house is extremely terrifying, it’s a waste of money and a waste of time.

Fall activities with your partner are always  always enjoyable, but there is room for improvement. For a guy, whole ordeal needs to be a tad more scary and perhaps less costly. At the end of the day, however, nothing is mundane enough or too costly for your partner.  Colder weather brings couples much closer and warms their hearts.