Senior Survivor daily: Tuesday, the 26th

Each day The Main Four will be posing an update with information on the survivors who were eliminated and those who remain. On behalf of the Main Four, we would like to wish all the survivors good luck and happy fundraising for such a great cause!

Winner of Reward Challenge: Team MAGS (reward-$20), Team LA$$Y and Team COAN (reward-2 hours of phone use)

Winner of Immunity Challenge: Team RICKLEMANN and Team CORTE$$

Teams Eliminated: Team NORWOOD and Team KEPSI-COLA

Surviving Teams: Team HONKS, Team LA$$Y, Team CORTE$$, Team KABLOOM, Team RICKLEMANN, Team BUCCI, Team COAN, Team TOTH, Team CHAMP, Team BRANDALL, Team MAGS, and Team CHAPPY.

“Last night and today we’re honestly a lot more fun than I initially expected it to be. I cannot wait to see what the rest of this week holds for us survivors,”  Erin Honkala says.