In person school, more beneficial to kids

Drew Thacker, Griffin Reis, Graphic Design Editor, Staff Writer

With the return in-person schooling, there have been lots of benefits. Many students were very happy to be back in physical classes after a long Spring & Summer lockdown. Engaging in real life learning and conversation is a popular preference. Many students are still attending Howell High School in person, despite the COVID-19 virus. With the COVID-19 vaccine becoming available to teachers, people are feeling more sure about coming to in-person schools. 

With in person many students are starting to see the benefits such as their mental health starting to get extraordinarily better. According to council on, many students had started to experience extreme stress, anxiety, and depression. Getting back to school got the students back into the swing of having a schedule and looking forward to seeing friends. 

Through triumph, schools have worked to reopen in-person schooling, and have fought even harder to preserve their Fall & Winter sports seasons. In Michigan especially, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the idea of having the Fall football season, as Governor Whitmer often bashed heads with the MHSAA. The football season prevailed, leaving an adverse football season.

As cases per day have started to steadily decrease since the last outbreak in November of 2020, it has been proven that in person schooling is okay to continue. Many classrooms have started to adapt with minimal students as well as spaced out seating to minimize the amount affected by the virus.

Staying in school helps most students with actually learning their material as virtual students have ceased to do much school work at all. Staying in school gives them the opportunity to be present and be in the classroom first hand. With nearly 65% people being visual learners, in person schooling helps the majority of students.

Life has to resume at some point and not all should live in fear. People under 18 are already at a lesser risk when it comes to this nasty virus and should be able to go to school to expand their knowledge. Keeping these kids at home only jails their mind and creative spirit as well as giving them the impression that their might not be a future in in person school. Let the kids go to school to actually learn and consume their knowledge.