HHS students giving back

Madison Deadman and Madison Deadman

photo (3)By A&E Editor: Madison Deadman

The Interact Club is a group of caring students who collaborate together to give back to the community. They volunteer with groups outside of school like Salvation Army and Big Brothers Big Sisters. The group meets every Wednesday at the Highlander Restaurant where food is always supplied.

“The good stuff” is what is claimed to be served. It varies from pasta, to pizza, to sandwiches.

“We could really use some more guys who really care. I’d say food is a good recruiting tactic,” senior Kasey Wilson says.

Not only is the food fantastic but being a member of the club has some great benefits. For students who are part of National Honor Society and need community service hours, this club supplies many opportunities to do so. Even if a student is not enrolled in NHS and is hoping to get into their college of choice, this is a great way to achieve an advantage.

Livingston County is always looking for more help. Whether it be directing the homecoming parade, decorating a Christmas tree downtown, or passing out candy at the Legend of Sleepy Howell (held downtown on Sat., Oct. 26) it is a great way to get involved in the community.

One of the activities that they are well known for holding and participating in is the St. Baldrick’s Children’s Cancer Research in which students from Howell High School volunteer to get their head shaved or hair cut in front of the whole school. The hair is then donated. They also hold the Interact 5K walk/run and donate the money to different charities. Last year’s funds went to the Sonrise Food Pantry.

If a member earns 400 service hours they can achieve scholarships and are awarded

with a medal at graduation. The numbers of hours earned varies from student to student. Wilson has been a member since his freshman year and has collected 100 hours. Stephanie Golphin, a sophomore, has been a member for a year and has already raked in 140 hours. Junior Hailey Merritt is a newbie to HHS and already has a several hours under her belt. It all depends on how involved the student becomes with the club.

“I joined coming from a new school and wanted a way to get to know people. It’s a great way to bring your self-esteem up. Getting to help people and work with them is so refreshing and absolutely rewarding. It makes you feel so good,” Merritt says.