Young athlete prides himself on putting the team first

Travis Waker and Travis Waker

552487_489519111065740_1885725671_nBy Staff Writer: Travis Waker

One of the most level headed high school athletes you’ll ever meet is Patrick Wagner. Not only is he a versatile baseball player but he is also a cross country captain. Athletics are a major part of his life and he takes the role of a captain seriously.

“Some of the definite responsibilities of a captain are making sure everybody’s prepared for a race, everybody’s warmed up and outside of school, everybody’s behaving the right way,” Wagner.

Not only does Wagner stay on top of his responsibilities as captain, but he also is a team player. When asked about how his cross country season is going he says, “It’s been very successful. The team has come a long way and we’ve shown a lot of improvement.”

Wagner is also looking forward to the baseball season this year. Once again he centers his focus on the team. “I don’t really have projections but we have goals as a team. I want to beat rivals like Brighton. I want to do whatever I can to help the team,” says Wagner.

A creature of habit, Wagner follows the same schedule every day. “I have the same routine. I eat the same breakfast, drink a gallon of water, have the same lunch, and listen to music on the bus, then go into my normal warm-up routine,” says Wagner.

Wagner is a guy who looks at all his options. “Right now I really don’t know. I’ve looked at Grand Valley. I’m looking at all my options athletically and academically, but right now it is really up in the air,” says Wagner. When asked about his athletic career and continuing it in college Wagner says, “It depends what comes my way, but it’s definitely an option.”

Wagner also has some positive things to say about how his family has influenced him athletically. “My family always has been there for me. They always find a way to get me there. They’re always pushing me to get better. I wouldn’t be where I am without them,” says Wagner.

Finally, Wagner puts one more emphasis on his team, talking about his four years of cross country overall. “It’s definitely something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Running with the same guys for four years is pretty special, hard to explain,” says Wagner.