Howell varsity girls’ basketball on the rise

By Sports Editor: Danielle Hamilton

In the past few years, the Howell varsity girls’ basketball team has not had the best season outcomes. Howell has not made it past districts in a few years and has struggled to end the season with a winning record. Last season, Howell lost to Hartland three times.

It is early in the season and Howell is already showing signs of success with the return of past coach, Lee Piepho. On January 7, Howell beat Hartland by five points in overtime. The final score of the game was Howell with 35 points and Hartland with 30 points.

The starting five for Howell were seniors Tess Weatherly, Meredith Wood, and Maggie Jenison, junior Rachel Nelson, and sophomore Erin Honkala. The game underwent several lead changes, with Howell down 11-19 points with 3:28 left in the third quarter which was Hartland’s biggest lead. Going into the fourth quarter, Hartland was up 21-18 points. The Highlanders limited Hartland to just five points in the fourth quarter. Howell scored eight points, tying the game 26-26 and sending them into overtime. Senior Erin Hage hit some key free throws to help Howell tie up the game.

The first four points of overtime went to Howell with baskets scored by Honkala and Hage. Howell had the lead throughout the four minutes of overtime. Hage was the leading scorer for the Highlanders, finishing with 11 points.

“It feels so good to finally beat Hartland and to get our first win of our league. I’m proud of the way everyone played,” says Jenison.

The Highlanders got their second win of the league on Friday, January 10, with the final score over Milford of 48-36. Brighton will be the next team to face Howell on Tuesday, January 14. The Brighton versus Howell game will be a father-son coach match-up.