HHS football star enters final season


A.J. Firsht, Staff Writer

One cheer that will be the first thing you hear when entering the Howell High School Memorial Stadium is “We love Sieman.” As senior Evan Sieman enters his 8th most rushing yards at 287 yards against Hartland High School, he is on track to break the school record for most rushing yards in a season. Entering into the Homecoming game against Grand Blanc this Friday, he currently is at 412 yards.

“Who doesn’t love having the whole entire student section cheer your name? I try to block most of it out and not let it get to me. My main focus is on the game. I’m in my own zone and I only hear what I need to hear.”

When it comes to feeling the pressure from fans, Sieman tries not to think about it.

“The way I prepare mentally is by sitting around trying to find this relaxed zone and once I find the zone, I’m quick to try to stay calm and start laughing and hanging out with my teammates,” Sieman says when asked about how he prepares for a game.

Dale Sieman, father and former coach of Sieman, is the man that inspired Sieman to play football. Sieman looks up to his father because of his outlook on life and his work ethic to succeed.

“The best thing about having him as both a father and a coach was having him pushing me hard to succeed at whatever I put my mind to. He makes me mad from time to time but he knew what was best for me and that’s why I love him,” Sieman says.

Sieman has played 3 years with the HHS Varsity Football team. He started out as a kick returner as a sophomore and since then has advanced to captain. As the Highlanders are 1-3 going into Friday’s game versus Grand Blanc High School, Sieman remains focused on being a good leader.

“There is a lot more pressure coming my senior year. I’m the top dog this year and I need to lead everybody, not just myself.”