Choir gears up for first concert

Choir gears up for first concert

Kyra Moen, Staff Writer

Passion, dedication, practice. Class after class spent memorizing songs, perfecting pitch and pronouncing different languages, knowing that soon they will be singing on stage for friends and family to hear. Preparing for the choir concert “First Impressions” on Thursday, Oct. 23rd takes hard work.

Students’ days are limited to make all final preparations for the first choir concert of this school year because Thursday Oct. 23 is the day they put their work on display. A lot of excitement and unease come with performing on stage for some students.

“If I mess up, the whole choir can mess up, and it’s all on me.You have one shot to get it right when you’re performing something live.” Junior Megan Kramer said about her upcoming first experience student directing.

Although some students may be nervous, the thrill that comes along with performing on stage often conquers the anxiety.

“Kids do get excited about performing. There’s a real pride connected with what they do,” Choir Director Rod Bushey said. “Concerts for performing people are big events.”

Whether it be band, choir, or drama performances, for students and members of the community, these are opportunities to get in touch with the school and its work.

“It’s great to see people who aren’t into sports get involved with the school and support the different programs.” Junior Tessa Wiercioch said. Over the years Bushey has been directing, the choir has gained quite a fan base.

“Choir has become like a culture here, we’ve gained such a huge following.” Bushey says.

As he enters his second to last year as director, he plans to pull out “A Cappella’s Greatest Hits”  including a song being performed this Thursday, “Flanders Field” By Paul Aitken. Bushey plans to have A Cappella sing many more of these songs at the rest of the concerts, throughout the remainder of his time here. Although Bushey is highly esteemed for making the choir program what it is today, he contributes almost all the work to the kids.

Choir students run most of the choir. From holding officer positions in class and making the programs, to handling the performance robes and running the website. Bushey is proud to watch his students build good work ethic and pride for their accomplishments.

“When your friends and family show up to support you, you get to show them all the hard work you have put into it the past few months. It’s a very encouraging feeling,” Kramer says.