HHS kicks off the season with winter spirit week


Devery Jakubos, Staff Writer

Spirit week, a time for students and staff alike to show their support for the school through things like Camo Day, Color Day, and School Spirit Day. A time where kids can go to school in over the top outfits and crazy styles.

“I love spirit week,” freshman Jared Osborne says, “It’s awesome to see what some people do, especially when they go all out. This year on camo day someone came in a full ghillie suit it was cool to see.”

Howell has always had a spirit week most of the time within the first month of school. This year there will  be a winter spirit week from Monday Dec. 15 to friday Dec. 19.

“For the winter spirit week I cant wait for the holiday character themed day and the pajama themed day too. I feel like for the holiday character one someone is going to come in a santa suit which would just be awesome to see,” sophomore George Diakantonis says.

With spirit week comes friendly competition as well. Each spirit week the teachers count how many students are participating in a given class and tally it up. At the end of the week those scores are tallied and the winner usually gets some sort of small prize.

“I think spirit week pulls the school together as a whole and makes a sense of camaraderie,”  Howell High School teacher Ryan Carriere says.

Monday-Holiday Pajama day.

Tuesday-Flannel day.

Wednesday-Holiday Character day.

Thursday-Pink day.

Friday-Ugly Sweater day