Jack Frost’s slow start

Jack Frost’s slow start

Ian Stone, Staff Writer

January 12, 2015

For some, the young winter of 2015 has been all they've hoped for. For others, it has been their worst nightmare. The lack of cold and snow until recently has been a stark contrast to 2014's winter with its record snowfalls and polar vortex that plunged temperatures into subzero territory. But is this year's relative warmth and lack of snow a good thing? By Staff Writer: Ian Stone

HHS kicks off the season with winter spirit week

HHS kicks off the season with winter spirit week

Devery Jakubos, Staff Writer

December 15, 2014

Spirit week, a time for students and staff alike to show their support for the school through things like Camo Day, Color Day, and School Spirit Day. A time where kids can go to school in over the top outfits and crazy styles. By Staff Writer: Devery Jakubos

Point/Counterpoint: Believing in Santa, healthy or dangerous?

December 19, 2013

Belief in Santa Claus adds to the magic of the season By Staff Writer: Travis Waker The belief in Santa Claus is good for kids because of how it makes children feel on Christmas morning and the anticipation the night before on Christmas Eve of what is to come the next morning. If little kids knew the tru...

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