Jack Frost’s slow start


Ian Stone, Staff Writer

For some, the young winter of 2015 has been all they’ve hoped for. For others, it has been their worst nightmare. The lack of cold and snow until recently has been a stark contrast to 2014’s winter with its record snowfalls and polar vortex that plunged temperatures into subzero territory. But is this year’s relative warmth and lack of snow a good thing?

Living in a state lodged in a northern latitude area like Michigan, one has learned to embrace the area’s intense winters and frigid temperatures, as well as massive snows. Most people have come to terms with the harsh winters and have adapted to a lifestyle full of winter activities and sports.

This year’s little snowfall has caused popular winter gathering places such as Mt. Brighton, to struggle to whip up enough snow for heavy usage and nice profit. The worker’s and customers aren’t the only ones disappointed with such a warm, dry winter season.

If you ask most people from deep Southern states, they’ll tell you one of the region’s biggest drawbacks of living in the area is it’s lack of seasons. Without a change in the seasons, it may seem like life drags on monotonously. Winter is an essential season in the breaking up of the tedious year.

Along with that, a lot of people celebrate and have festivities during the holiday season. A vital part of the holiday season is the annual start of winter and it all that comes with the weather. Without a snow covered yard, frosted tips of trees and the cold, crisp air, an aspect of the holidays is lost. It’s an aspect that most of us have grown up with and hardly know how to deal without.

The next time you step outdoors and feel the cold brisk wind and the cool snow gracing your face, don’t view it as an bad thing. Think optimistically. Not everyone gets the opportunity for winter and all that it offers. When you wish winter would simply not show up or be delayed like it was this year, just take a second and think of all the good that winter brings. After all, better late than never right?