Howell faces off Grand Blanc


Evan Webster, Staff Writer

Every school has its rivalries that have been around for generations. Howell’s rival for some time has generally been considered the Brighton Bulldogs. However, Howell has recently developed a rivalry with a neighboring school, Grand Blanc, in only a few short years. Both schools are extremely competitive in all sports, including basketball. On Friday, Feb. 13, Howell and Grand Blanc will go head to head for Howell’s Winterfest basketball game; both teams are tied for first in the division along with Hartland and Pinckney.

“It is such a blast playing Grand Blanc, especially since last year’s games against them. We aren’t too focused on the Winterfest game yet, but when it comes game time you better believe we will be well prepared to take them on,” Varsity Basketball coach Mr. Nicholas Simon says.

Howell’s Varsity Basketball team is currently seven and six in the season and is looking to expand its record with a win against Grand Blanc in their second meeting. The first game against Grand Blanc earlier this year Howell had a close loss, only losing by five points. The Howell squad is determined to pull out a win for the Winterfest game with their second meeting against Grand Blanc.

“If we beat Grand Blanc it will be the highlight of my high school basketball career because they are such a well put together team and one of our biggest rivals in basketball,” Varsity center Jake Wright says. “It will give me the greatest sense of satisfaction, and I know our whole team is extremely determined to try and pull out a win.”

This will be Howell’s last division game of the season. Since Howell and Grand Blanc are tied for first in their division, this game is more than just a Winterfest game, it is a game that will determine the outcome of both team’s seasons as a whole. Knowing this, Howell wants to win and try to do just as well as they did their previous season.

“We are preparing for this game a lot like we would do any other game, normal practices and regular routine. There will in fact be a little added emphasis when we go into this game because of it being Winterfest and our last division game,” Mr. Simon says. “We also have to keep an eye on Trévon Avery of Grand Blanc because he is a talented player, but our team is evolving each week and is getting better and better, we definitely have the ability to do just as well as we did last year against Grand Blanc.”

With this being the Winterfest game, a huge fan basis would be nice for the Howell basketball team. It might just give them a little extra motivation during the game if they have many fans cheering for them.

“We really need our student section to show up for this game, it’s an important game for the team and a little extra cheering might do the team good,” Junior Jonah Blatt, who is considered a dedicated Highlander by many students, says. “So everyone come out and support Howell and have some fun being part of the Section.”