Upcoming revival of Art and Poetry Day


Devery Jakubos, Staff Writer

Friday, April 17, the Art and Poetry Day will be taking place. Students from the poetry and either photography or drawing classes will combine their ideas into one project over the course of a day.

“When the students come in they will either choose or be assigned a partner. From there, one artist and poet will come up with an idea and work throughout the day. In seventh hour, the teams will come and present their creations,” art teacher and leader of the event, Ms. Kristina Vlahos, says.

This is the first Art and Poetry Day since 2000. For various reasons it has not been held since but has returned  this year due to the efforts of Ms. Vlahos.

“I’m excited for the event, I think it’s a great opportunity for them to collaborate with other classes. They will get to work with other creative minds like themselves. Poetry students will get a visual representation of their work and vice versa,” Ms. Vlahos says. “I think it will change how people view and interact with art. I’m hoping the students see how awesome they and their peers are, whether they are a poet, artist or photographer. They all have talent and can learn from each other.”

There are requisitions to participate in the event. Applications were given out to poetry and art students. These  are due Thursday, April 2.

“We are definitely looking for hard working students who can work in a time crunch. The students will only have first through sixth hour so they will need to be able to work under pressure but still be effective,” Ms. Vlahos says.

With the event being April 17, students participating have time to think about what they may want to do for their project.

“I haven’t come up with what I’m going to do yet,” senior Remy Krey says. “I may just wing it.”

With this event coming back after 15 years, faculty and students alike are excited for the rare opportunity to have such a different approach on their work.

“ I think it is a great opportunity for artists to meet up and collaborate. I totally think it is a great idea, because poetry is a beautiful art from, and furthering it only expands the boundaries of art.” Sophomore photography student Abigail Martin says.