A true Howell teacher


Evan Webster, Staff Writer

Many students receive their start at Howell High, few come back to repay the favor and work to inspire the younger generations of Highlanders. Only 6 out of 100 Howell High staff actually attended the school. One of these rare teachers is the new Ms. Krista Kirby who graduated in 2006.

This is Kirby’s first year teaching at HHS, and is teaching English. Kirby is also the Sophomore Class Advisor. This is a first in Howell High history, no other teacher has ever been a student council class advisor their first year teaching at this school. One notable accomplishment in this young teacher’s life is that Kirby has taught in three different states: Minnesota, Florida, and Michigan.

Why would she come back?

“I loved Howell High so much when I went here, it’s home to me and I just wanted to get back to the community I was raised in,” Ms. Kirby says.

When Kirby was hired at Howell and saw that a position for student council advisor was open she jumped on the opportunity to be more involved in the school. Kirby has a passion for teaching, but she also has huge passion for school spirit. When she attended HHS, showing school spirit was her favorite thing to do.

“I absolutely love school spirit, I was that one kid who went all out for spirit weeks and sports games, I’d have those distinct golden hand prints on my face and be dressed head to toe in Highlander gear. When I saw that the school was looking for a Student Council Advisor, I jumped on the opportunity,” Ms. Kirby says.

Even with her love for school spirit she holds the students she educates above all else. Kirby is a teacher that is passionate about what she teaches and both teachers and students alike can see this quality in her. One major thing that she brings to the table of teaching is her positivity. Even when teaching a difficult subject, she remains a positive and upbeat teacher.

“I think one of the best qualities Ms. Kirby brings to the table is her positivity when she teaches, even when you know all students don’t want to learn sometimes, she makes her subjects fun and entertaining to students. Also to come back and work where she was taught shows just how much she believes in this school,” HHS principal, Jason Schrock, says.

Kirby is viewed as a great addition to the school not just by her colleagues but by her students and student council members.

“Ms. Kirby is super nice and is a good student council advisor, it’s her first year doing this type of thing and she has great potential as her future years of being a Highlander teacher unravel,” student council member Kirstun Klug says.

As Ms. Kirby’s first year at Howell is almost halfway over she hopes to have a long and bright future with this school and the program. It’s home to her and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else besides the school she graduated from, Howell High.

“I hope to have a long future here as a teacher and student council adviser, I’ve taught in many different schools, but Howell is hands down my favorite school I have been at,” Kirby says