HHS teacher takes caring for students to new level

unnamed (3)By Staff Writer: Rachel Brauer

Being a teacher is much more than implanting information: it’s guiding the students as much as one can. Teachers are mentors, and one teacher who takes that role seriously is Ms. Annette Steinacker- Roberts.

After graduating from Howell High School in 1981, Ms. Roberts explored multitudes of career pathways in medicine, due to the interest her high school anatomy class had given her, at Eastern Michigan University.

“I loved anatomy. It was my inspiring class,” says Ms. Roberts with a fond smile as she recalls the good memories.

Starting out in psychiatry due to her strong desire to help people, Ms. Roberts then switched to veterinary sciences, and then finally majored with a master’s degree in medical technology.

Ms. Roberts’s first job after receiving her degree was at the University of Michigan hospital where she conducted research and ran labs for a year, and she quickly remembered how much of a people person she was. After this realization, she went back to Eastern to earn her teaching certificate. This was something she always knew was in her future.

“I always wanted to be a teacher,” says Ms. Roberts.

Ms. Robert’s mother, being a former secretary at HHS, had always warned her about the lack of teaching jobs there was, but she went for it anyways.

Her first teaching job was in a very troubled part of Inkster. Although this was a very difficult situation she learned a lot from the experience and the students.

“The most important part is to pull the positive out of any student and talk to them like a person,” says Ms. Roberts.

Ms. Roberts has relished her career at HHS for over 24 years, teaching rigorous AP Biology and Anatomy classes. Not only does she have a passion for the subject matter, but cares deeply about her students as well. She tries to form an emotional connection with her students in any way she can. Whether it’s complimenting their outfits or engaging with them about the activities they participate in, she strives to create a strong bond with each students.

“It’s just so hard because I can see that there are students struggling with some issues, and all I can do is send them off to guidance,” says Ms. Roberts, with tears brimming her eyes.

Due to her caring nature towards her students, Ms. Roberts utilizes different and effective methods to ensure maximum learning for a variety of students. She tries to make school fun, whether it’s teaching in different voices, sharing creative acronyms, or running around with small intestines as necklaces.

“This is the second year of having Mrs. Roberts as my teacher, and let me start off by saying she is one of those people you just get drawn to. She has such a fun and exciting personality and I admire her desire to put a smile on everyone’s face. I’m going to miss her so much when I graduate, and I’m so thankful for her taking all of the extra time and effort to help me succeed,” says senior Brianna Ash, with much adoration.

Ms. Roberts shares a conjoined classroom with Mr. Tom Diab, another HHS science teacher, who comments on his roommate.

“She works late. Loves her subjects. Easy to work with, and makes really good coffee!” says Mr. Diab with a chuckle.

Ms. Roberts is a home-oriented person.  She enjoys boating with her husband and daughter, and her hobby of gardening. She loves vacations, and since her husband has recently acquired his pilot’s license and a small plane, they’ve been slowly traveling around the country. Ms. Roberts is planning to hopefully retire within the next five years and move to California, which is closer to her mom, with her family to the warm sun and cool waves. She plans to volunteer in local hospitals.

“I’m a strong believer in what goes around, comes around,” says Ms. Roberts, regarding how she treats others.