To prank or not to prank

The Class of 2015 has just spent their last day at Howell High. Their four years were full of friendships, laughter and fun. One thing that the Class of 2015 never experienced however, was a full scale senior prank. There were a few failed attempts towards their last days, but never was a senior prank successfully orchestrated.

There were many ideas for the pranks, one of which was that every one of their students were to bring their dogs into school for a day. This prank gave more questions than answers though. What about the people who did not have dogs? What about the people who were allergic to dogs? What would happen to the dogs when administration found out? Could we keep man’s best friend safe? No definitive answers came about, and this plan went into a doggie bag.

Another plan was to have a pillow fight throughout the whole school. The theory behind it was that school administrators would not be allowed to take the pillows away because, come on, what harm can come from a pillow, right? This prank was to be executed at the final passing time of all the seniors on Wed. the 20th, but it didn’t go quite as planned. Only two students brought pillows. It is pretty tough to have a whole school pillow fight without more than a handful of students with any firepower. As it can be imagined, this prank eventually hit the sack and was ousted.

On the seniors’ last day there was yet a third prank to be unveiled. Have you ever heard of forking? It is when you stick hundreds of plastic forks into the ground at one place and cover the whole ground. Students did this in a small area around the rock and painted the rock saying “We Forking Did It”, an obvious play on words implying profanity. As students filed into school on Tuesday morning, they were greeted by this spectacle on the rock. Many people considered this to be the senior prank, but even more people did not think this was even close to being big enough. Many students were still thirsty for more excitement.

Are senior pranks worth it? It is well known throughout the school that anyone who orchestrates and plans a senior prank is not allowed to walk during senior graduation. Is one prank, one stitch in time, worth not taking part in the celebration for all of the hours of hard work you have put in during high school to receive your diploma? That is a very hard question to answer, and is different to every student.

In a different perspective, what is the harm in a little prank? Creating a senior prank can be one of the last fun activities that you can do in high school. It is a great way for students to come together and have a little rush of excitement before they do not see each other for the rest of their lives. Is the sacrifice of not walking in graduation worth this excitement? That’s up to you.

The question comes to mind at what point is it deemed misconduct or just a little fun? This year’s graduating class and the classes to follow are in fear of what will happen to them when all they want to do is have a little fun. I find no harm in a pillow fight, water balloon fight, or simply forking the front lawn of the high school. If no one is in danger, what is the harm in having a little fun? There was much left to be desired from the class of 2015’s forking and painting of the rock as their senior prank. Will the incoming seniors follow that cautious trend, or will they stretch the rules and prank Howell High? We will just have to wait and see.