Point/Counterpoint: The worst and best reads for high schoolers

April 23, 2014

The best reads offered in HHS English classes By Feature Editor: Hannah Snyder It’s nearly impossible to avoid reading books in your English classes throughout high school. Some of them are terrible from the first page and seem to have zero educational value, trust me. However, there are also a few of t...

Point/Counterpoint: Diet soda

April 23, 2014

Diet soda not worth the risk By News Editor: Kayla McClain Many people in America today consume massive amounts of regular and diet pop, and both contain ingredients that are in no way healthy or nutritious for our bodies. The direct excuse is, “If it's diet pop, it must be healthier than regular, right?” Actually, if you tell yourself that enough, you may start ...

Even more music in the halls of HHS

April 23, 2014

By Staff Writer: Jada Boprie It’s a little startling to be walking to class and suddenly hear a Guns’n’Roses song blasting through the hallway. Especially the song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” with Axl Rose’s high pitched wailing. We’re all used to hearing snidbits of music from the band and choir rooms, but for the week before ...

Billionaire creates new, controversial campaign

April 8, 2014

This editorial was first published in the April print edition of The Main Four. By Staff Writer: Jada Boprie Do you care what other people think? Maybe not, but most people care about other people’s opinions, especially if those people are judging them. This is the basic concept behind the new campaign created by bus...

Modest concerts over extravagant ones

April 8, 2014

This editorial was first published in the April print edition of The Main Four. By Staff Writer: Alexis Klask As great as it would be to attend a huge concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills which holds a crazy amount of more than 20,000 people, I’m more content with a smaller venue. Some people love being in a crowd and love the ...

“My body, my choice, my rules.”

“My body, my choice, my rules.”

Rachel Brauer, Staff Writer

April 4, 2014

“We want to make a change . . . and even if it’s an awkward thing to say, just get it out so that people know what you’re going through instead of just keeping it bottled up inside for the rest of your life. Because nothing is going to get better if you just keep it yourself."

Howell students: This isn’t who we are

Photo featured online of the team celebrating their win

Cassie Bondie, Social Media Editor

March 25, 2014

"I'm proud to be a civilian of Howell, Michigan and I will defend the people of my town because I'm confident that I live in a city that is not filled with racist people, but rather people that are culprits of a never-ending negative historical occurrence."

The truth about e-cigarettes

March 17, 2014

By Staff Writer: Tricia Tucker “E-cigs are the hot, new way to smoke healthily,” is what the majority of people tend to believe.  People believe that e-cigs are not bad for you, simply because the product is not advertised that they contain toxic chemicals.  On top of that, e-cigs are not approved by the ...

Point/Counterpoint: How to make up snow days

March 17, 2014

Longer school days could have negative effects on students, teachers By Staff Writer: Rachel Cichon There hasn’t been a winter as abominable as the one currently raging outside in the lifetime of any Howell High student, but despite the freezing temperatures and perilous driving conditions, students have rej...

The future alteration of the American government

March 7, 2014

Importance of youth involvement in politics By Staff Writer: Alexis Klask “My fellow citizens of the world, ask not what America will do for you, but what, together, we can do for the freedom of man,” John Fitzgerald Kennedy said in his Inaugural Address. This speech by JFK was one of the most rem...

The black and white facts about racism

February 12, 2014

An Opinion Article By Staff Writer: Kate Bauer At this age in my life, I have some mixed feelings about Black History Month. Americans have dedicated one month out of the year, February, to celebrate the history, inventions, and achievements of America’s African ancestors. This month is to remind us of how fa...

Howell board agrees on contract

February 5, 2014

An opinion piece by A&E Editor: Madison Deadman After a long hard battle, the Howell School Board finally passed a teacher’s union contract, on Monday, Jan 20. The contract will be lasting until June 2015. This meeting was supported by about 150 attendants. Howell’s teachers have certainly felt the ...

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